The devil is in the details


Hi there!

Recently I decided to test Windows 8 (yes, only now). I read all the news about it from first rumors to launch, but I have never used until now. After I have installed, I decided to do some usability analysis. Some days of use and analysis and I found a very interesting detail that captured my attention. Look at the screen below (screens in portuguese, sorry about that…but will work as an example just fine):


Yes, it is the famous Task Manager, old acquaintance of us all. There is a feature called End Process. The idea of this feature, as the name suggest, is allow the user to force the end of a process (usually a process that is not responding). To use this feature you just need to select the process you want to end and click End Process. As simple as it can be.

So far, no big deal. Let’s go further now. I imagine that many of you have had the experience of ending a Windows Explorer process, no matter the reason. As you may know, this particular process is essential to operate the OS (Operating System). Having said that, it is very likely that after finishing this process, you will start this process again (otherwise some of the main features of the OS will be unavailable). To accomplish that, you need to go to File > New Task (Run …), type “explorer” and press return. It is not complex, right? But did you ever think that this could be easier? More user friendly? Well, Microsoft did.


Now, when you select the Windows Explorer process, the button displayed it’s not End Process, but Restart. By pressing this button the SO ends the process and then immediately, without user intervention, starts it again. Simple, but well thinked. A few seconds and clicks less, but a great improvement in the user experience.

It’s like the old saying, “The devil is in the details”.


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